What’s Segreto Up To?

Mar 01, 2021

Hi Friends, what a couple of weeks. So many parts of the country have been hit by extreme weather and those of us in Texas just had no idea what was in store. Houston was blanketed by snow, which totally shut down roads and businesses and left millions without heat, water, or internet. My week was full of boiling water to wash dishes, reworking schedules, and responding to clients whose pipes burst. We had just put a generator in last year so we had a full house and were so fortunate to be warm. So many were not. I sent this quote to my staff with their new schedules…

"Kindness is like snow. It beautifies everything it covers."

and one of my most loyal staffers sent this quote back to the team.

"Next Time we get a week off work, I do not want to spend it trying to stay alive."

Most of us were back to work on Friday at jobs with no heat or water and this just made us smile! Their determination to pull together, is the best part of our team! I wanted to share with you some projects big and small that has made a difference in our client’s homes and lives.

Segreto Paint Chip- Gallant Night

We are almost ready to launch our new palette deck with 135 signature colors to choose from. Gallant Night one of our rich blues seems to be a big hit.

Study that is painted in Segreto Paint Gallant Night

What a dramatic difference it made in this study, Revival Living Interiors selected this Segreto Paint color that sets a mood only that perfect shade can create!

Muralist working on a mural applied over plaster

Putting the final touches in a master bath before move-in, this mural applied over plaster with thinned paint, creates a serenity that cannot be achieved with artistry applied over paint. Just the mood JJ Designs wanted for their client’s master bath.

bathroom sink with countertop made of SegretoStone

In the same house, we created a SegretoStone floating sink to complement the pheasant wallcovering.

painted over vent to disguise with wallcovering

And of course don’t forget our favorite game of “I Spy”! This vent which stuck out like a sore thumb was painted like the wallcovering to make it magically go away!!

Dining room before Segreto Finishes

This is the before dining room. All the furnishings were dark stained. They are special family pieces so it was decided to re-stain the table in a walnut tone and reinvent the chairs to give them a totally different perspective.

Dining Room Chairs After Segreto Finishes

With the new stripped and bleached finish and the lovely new chair coverings, it would be hard to imagine where they started. Notice the newly plastered Venetian walls as well! Same dining room, totally different feel.

Painted floor

With dogs and a constant floor of family gatherings, this client was tired of constantly replacing rugs. By painting her floors, this room said “special” while being easy to wipe up spills and maintain!

Powder bathroom with segreto finishes

We are so blessed to have life long clients. It was fun to remember completing this powder room 15 years ago, still classic and timeless with its polished plaster walls. I loved the little chair the client had added for hand towels- so creative.

Vintage Chair for hand towels

Taking a vintage chair and turning into an art piece with a painting in the back was brilliant! Always think about how you can reimagine things you have- it will open up a world of possibilities in your own homes décor!

Finishing off rubber pipes to disguise

Don’t forget the little things when updating a space. Finishing off the rubber piping to read like chrome, takes away an eyesore allowing you to focus on the beautiful elements in the room.

Segreto Stone Fireplace

I can’t write a what’s Segreto Up to without showing what our SegretoStone crew is up to! A perfect complement to this room, the fireplace is clean in design, natural in composition and oh-so -chic!

"Always be grateful for what you have, you never know what could happen next."

I have decided to focus on life from this perspective! Each year there have been challenges and often times I catch myself saying I can’t wait till next year. Well with Hurricane Harvey, then the Pandemic and now extreme weather, I think I will just take one day at a time and appreciate all the wonderful things in life along the way! Stay safe, be happy and choose to stay positive! Till next time! xo Leslie

  • Jana Ames
    Posted at 08:50h, 01 March Reply

    Well said and done!

  • Squeak
    Posted at 19:57h, 01 March Reply

    That dining room chair is so pretty!

  • Luisa Patterson
    Posted at 22:59h, 01 March Reply

    Gracias like always for sharing 🙂
    So happy to know that you and your family and team are doing well.
    Blessings from Kansas

  • Laura Suffield
    Posted at 20:38h, 02 March Reply

    Beautiful, friend!!

  • Grandma's All Natural
    Posted at 14:58h, 05 April Reply

    wow this is beautiful

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