A Day on the Farm!

Oct 31, 2016

It is so much fun working on ranch or farm homes. Texas has so much land and beautiful places so close to home!!! I just had to share this wonderful homestead that I was so blessed to work in. I am always in such a hurry to get back to Houston to make the next appointment, but here I just wanted to stay!!!

Segreto Secrets Blog! A Day on the Farm!

I had done work for the couple here in Houston and when they were remodeling their kitchen in their farmhouse in Bellville, I got to take a field trip! Bellville, population 4,097, was named for Thomas B. Bell, one of Stephen F. Austin’s earliest colonists, after he and his brother James Bell donated land for the new county seat established by voters in 1846. .

Segreto Secrets Blog! A Day on the Farm!
Before we took a tour of her property we wanted to get the Segreto team going!!!  Here is the kitchen freshly painted before we started! Look at that old iron gate they are using as a pot rack and the vintage lantern we painted over the sink!! Love those farmhouse accents!
Segreto Secrets Blog! A Day on the Farm!Segreto Secrets Blog! A Day on the Farm!
We were going to enhance the perimeter cabinets in a tonal finish but wanted to add some character and age to the kitchen island and desk area. You can see the change from the original light base!! Sample approved so now its time for our walk!!
Segreto Secrets Blog! A Day at the Farm!

The couple wanted a place to relax and enjoy their family, their love for animals, history and antiques. They have either built, refurbished or moved old structures and placed them next to a lake or orchards of trees, creating a mini community as it might have been, all for themselves. This darling school house built in the 1880s, was moved from the community of Klump, Tx., close to Shelby.


This is the same schoolhouse with a fresh coat of white paint!! Love the power of paint–even on exteriors! Quite a change!!

Segreto Secrets Blog! A Day on the Farm!

They have done such a great job collecting desks, slate boards, blackboards, books, ink bottles, and pens, etc.  from past eras. What fun for her grandkids to see how school used to be. I know my daughter Sammy, who is now a Kindergarten teacher would love it!!! They added an old fountain in the back for classroom breaks!

Segreto Secrets Blog! A Day at the Farm!

There are several old guest homes which have been renovated on the property.  The farm was used before they purchased it for corporate retreats. The insides were revamped to accommodate children and grandkids with antique beds and furniture!

Segreto Secrets Blog! A Day on the Farm!

Look how cute this is, with white washed floors and planked walls and ceilings!!

Segreto Secrets Blog! A Day on the Farm!

She even found an antique child’s claw foot tub for the little ones!!


This 1967 caboose was found on the Internet and is from Kansas. It was sent by rail to Brenham, then on flatbeds to the farm!! Quite a job transporting it! I had never been inside a caboose before. It has a small bath and sleeping quarters! I loved all the old electronics original to its time!

Segreto Secrets Blog! A Day on the Farm!

The gas station, built in 2011 with a vintage look, has authentic original gas pumps and oil cans found from antiquing excursions to nearby towns. But wait…my favorite part is inside!!

Segreto Secrets Blog! A Trip to the Farm!

The wrecker works perfectly and can be driven. I did have to sit in it and being just 5’4″, I could barley fit behind the wheel! How did the men of that time drive?? If it were to rain the windshield wiper was manual! I loved all the oil cans and vintage signs hung inside. There was so much thought put into every building and outpost!!


And you can’t have a farm without a barn! Love the traditional red they painted on this one!

Segreto Secrets Blog! A Day on the Farm!

What kind of chickens lay those beautiful eggs? The Araucana chicken originated in Chile. This is one of the few chicken breeds native to the Americas of pre-Columbian origin. It is well known for its blue eggs, which is caused by a DNA retrovirus that occurred sometime early in domestication. Given a dozen, I couldn’t wait to eat them when I got home. We had chickens in Georgia where I grew up and no surprise, fresh tastes so much better than store bought!! YUM!!!

Segreto Secrets Blog! A Day on the Farm!

“Robert’s Chapel”, built in memory of their oldest son by a local carpenter, is such a welcoming place!!

Segreto Secrets Blog! A Day on the Farm!

With two of their grandchildren baptized there, it is filled with antique pews and a beautiful stained glass window made by well-known artist, Robert Bacon from Scotland.

Segreto Secrets Blog! A Day on the Farm!

It was in a home in London, then during WW11, had been sent to New York. The colors and the window itself were a perfect fit. A local artist added the border and an inscription on the bottom, keeping the colors and style of the original.


Heading back to the house, we were excited to see the kitchen!


It all really came together and felt warm and charming like the rest of the place!!!


I hope you enjoyed the tour of this wonderful family farm as much as I did! Thank you Barbara for being such a wonderful hostess!!!

Have a great week! Until next week…


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  • Gina
    Posted at 09:31h, 31 October Reply

    Such a fun post! That would be quite a retreat for family and friends. I am sure they will make many memories there. The kitchen looks wonderful.

    • Leslie Sinclair
      Posted at 18:04h, 01 November Reply

      Thanks!! I just want to stay there!! xo

  • Maude Ciardi
    Posted at 13:26h, 03 November Reply

    Thanks for the amazing blog . I really enjoyed seeing that beautiful farm. The kitchen is perfect. So thank you for a trip to the farm!

    • Leslie Sinclair
      Posted at 16:57h, 04 November Reply

      I just felt like you were there with me!!! Thanks for following along!!!

  • noreen
    Posted at 04:01h, 21 November Reply

    wow, what a lovely legacy they created for their family! Reminds me of an African saying “it takes a village to raise a child”

    • Leslie Sinclair
      Posted at 06:11h, 21 November Reply

      Well said!! They really are such a sweet family and I know they enjoy their time together at the farm!!!

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