Dad Rocks! Man Caves & Gift Picks

May 24, 2014

I hope that everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend! With Father’s day fast approaching how do you celebrate that special man?  Here are some ideas on how to decorate a “Man Cave”  for him and some fun  Father’s Day gift picks!

“Man Caves” are not a new concept. A space where ” a man can be a man” and enjoy his hobbies or have a place to think. These spaces can either be a place to be alone and think or a place to entertain friends. Throughout history, there are some wonderful examples of great men and their “manly” retreats, from Ernest Hemingway, Theodore Roosevelt, Winston Churchill and many more!


Andrew Carnegie’s decadent study has a beautiful painted mural above the paneling of one of his favorite inspirational quotes “The Kingdom of Heaven is within you.” 

Contemporary Man Caves include many of the same elements and serve the same purpose. Leather couches, hunting trophies, books, cigars, sporting goods and music equipment can all still be found in modern man caves. Now they may be joined by techno gadgets like giant flatscreen TVs and gaming systems! Below are some modern man caves that have caught our eye!

This is an amazing man cave housed on the third floor of a home that we just completed! So much thought was put into how to house each item for this avid sports collector.








Man Cave accessories would be perfect for Father’s Day gifts! Here are a few ideas from the Segreto Boutique!

Tizo watch box $225, Mounted Minerals (left $175, right $340), wood coasters $105

Pair of side tables made from vintage bicycle parts $550 each

Burled Wood tray $115

Leather, Bamboo and Acrylic Tizo frames from starting at $79


Celebrating Dads who Rock! 

Father’s day is a great time to spend time with your family and do activities together. John’s favorite Father’s Day events are when the kids cook him a big pancake breakfast or when the family spends the day together hanging out by the pool and he and Matthew can catch a round of golf!

Here are a couple of fun ideas for Father’s Day gifts! 

Make some personalized art for Dad’s study with the kids. These ideas are artistic and easy for anyone to do!

Source, Source, Source, Source

Plan a family barbecue in the backyard and you can present the Dad’s with fun new grill tools! A spatula with a funny card is a great simple present. These spices from “Special Sh*t” were a huge hit with John, who thought they were hilarious and tasty! Cleaning the grill is never fun, but this new GrillBot might be a huge hit. It’s supposed to clean the grill all by itself! We definitely need one of those!

Cute Spatula Idea Source, Top Right: Special Sh*t BBQ supplies, Grill Bot


No matter what kind of gift you’re giving, big or small, thoughtful presentation adds a special touch! For some “Dad” themed wrapping you can make the package as simple as using a bow tie or tie as a ribbon or, if you are feeling ambitious, try one of these cute DIY shirt cards or wrapping! Instructions for the card here and for the shirt box or bag here.


Segreto is off to celebrate the wedding of one of our own Leslie Carrigan (soon to be Simmons)!!! We had a wedding shower for her with the whole team on Monday morning. Everyone contributed and we got her a beautiful Beatriz Ball tray engraved with love from the whole Segreto Family! We can’t wait for her to have all of us over for dinner! Congratulations Leslie and Charles!

Hope you all have a great Memorial Day weekend! Until next week! XO Leslie

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    Posted at 14:03h, 30 May Reply

    What wonderful spaces and I adore the one with the antlers!! Such a beautiful family, Leslie. Heading to your shop…

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