Segreto’s top Springtime Palette!! SegretoPaint & SegretoChalks!!

Mar 25, 2024

Hi friends!! Along with the warmer weather, spring brings color back into our lives. Flowers blooming, grass is green, and butterflies are a fluttering!! Representing new beginnings and transformations, we have developed a Springtime palette to bring a bit of cheerful color to your interiors with SegretoPaint or DIY craft through SegretoChalks!

Segreto Paint Springtime colors

I love what our paint mixologists came up with!! These not only will be beautiful painted on a wall as a lovely backdrop to your fabrics and art, but I want them all to be a part of my Easter table. Using our chalks, it was easy to craft!!

Segreto Paint Springtime colors - Waterfall Color

Waterfall, a lovely combination of green and blue, symbolizes majesty and change with its constant movement. It’s a cleansing color, inspiring positivity with the secreted implication that “falling won’t hurt”.

Segreto Paint Springtime colors - Bergamot Color

Bergamot, a type of citrus fruit native to Italy, has a soothing scent and a spicy taste. Used in perfumes and cosmetics, what better inspiration for us to create this soft yellow green color, with an umber undertone, softening its brightness which allows sophistication in a guest suite, or a quite relaxed feel in a newborn’s nursery.

Segreto Paint Springtime colors - Elle's Lavander Color

Elle’s Lavender was developed for little Elle, whose parents wanted that perfect tone to welcome her into the world!! Lavender is a flowering plant in the mint family with a sweet floral scent. In ancient times it was used as a holy herb, it represents purity, calmness and grace and can be known to inspire to relax, calm and inspire a peaceful sleep,

Segreto Paint Springtime colors - Touch of Romance Color

Soft, soothing and peaceful, A Touch of Romance, is meant for any age. Representing sweetness, warmth and compassion, it is a calming color which most skins tones radiate against.

Segreto Paint Springtime colors - Daffodil Color

Emerging each spring, Daffodils inspire hope, joy and the ability to change. Cheerful and uplifting, our version’s softness is a classic tone which will beautifully pair with most any tone!

Segreto Paint Springtime colors - Happy Easter

I hope you like our Springtime color line up. They are beautiful tones for walls or cabinetry! I also think they would be great for a furniture piece which you could try for fun, and SegretoChalks are easy to use!!

This is what I loved about using SegretoChalks!

There is no prep work!

They can be used to paint any surface! You can go over raw wood, stain, lacquer, shellac, wax or polyurethane!

You don’t need a lot of expertise with painting!

You can mix chalk paints so easily and layer if you are wanting to get extra creative!

A little goes a long way!

Easy clean up!

We now have the capability to ship our paints. For more information call our showroom at 713-461-5210 or come view our entire palette at 2211 Wirtcrest Lane,77055. I hope you all have a wonderful Easter with family and friends! Till next time! XO Leslie

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