Everything is Prettier in Pink!!

Feb 11, 2019

Hi Friends!! I love pink all year long but Valentine’s Day really has me thinking!! A blend of red and white, pink combines a need for the action of red, (Passion) and the softness of white (Purity.) The deeper the pink, the more passion and energy it exhibits. The word itself brings up a variety of different images and concepts such as romance, flowers, femininity, Barbie, breast cancer, childhood, love, and so much more.

Last year I pulled the most beautiful images all in pink like  this stunning photograph by Georgianna Lane – so soft and feminine. This year I thought I would introduce you to some amazingly creative women who also adore pink and show you a bit of pink I have sprinkled in my own home!!

Here is cute Julie head of Dodson Interiors styling a showcase home she collaborated with Elron Construction.  Her eclectic style, mixes pops of colors and one of her favorites is pink.  She studied at ‘Ole Miss where she received her Bachelor of Interior Design. Her inherent skills of fashion and design were honed while working with some of Houston’s top design firms including that of her mother, the renowned Trisha Dodson.

Recognized for her fresh approach on classical style—a sophisticated and harmonious mix of Hollywood glam and refined transitional design— Julie has adopted the phrase “Casual Glamour” as her trademark. In addition to her fabulous design work, Julie is a dog and animal lover and spends her time supporting animal rescue groups and  helping homeless pets find forever families.

Hints of pink accents in the paintings and in the pretty glass containers make such a subtle statement in this bath.  What you might not know about Julie is her giving heart!! She has participated in the Pink Ribbon Project which supports breast cancer research. Julie acknowledges that cancer has affected most of us in some way or another, and being a part of the Pink Ribbon Project is a way to help support further exploration for a cure.

Pink calms and reassures, negating feelings of anger, aggression, resentment, and neglect. Studies have confirmed that exposure to large amounts of pink can have a soothing result on the nerves. If you don’t feel comfortable with a totally pink room, sprinkle pink flowers like Miss Julie does in the bathrooms she designs–it can give you the same effect!! Exciting news about this project!!  It will be featured in my next book!! The home is amazing, and Julie and Rona from Elron Contruction did such an incredible job!! Famed photographer Julie Soefer took the pics!  Stunning!

As you know, I adore these Gracie inspired murals.  Throw in a pink flower or bird.  It will give you accents of calm and pacify your macho husband who may not want a totally pink room!!

At my own home, I have blush mohair chairs  whose fabric is by John Saladino  and can be purchased from Ken Kehoe & Company here in Houston!! The chairs were mahogany when purchased.  I like them so much better with their new Segreto finish.

Flowers are one of those ways which we all should treat ourselves.  I purchased these pink tulips for myself to put me in the Valentines spirit!. They really highlight the 1950’s  framed pink wall hanging from Mecox.

The second young lady I want to introduce you to is Sydne, the founder of Sydne Style. I met her when I went to Cabo with my husband and son. John and Matthew were playing golf and I said I would wake up early and get the cool seats by the pool. I honestly walked out in my Muu Muu (I haven’t worn a bathing suit in years) and picked some chairs next to two super cute girls. Sydne was one of them and I just was so impressed with her. Smart, super sweet, and family oriented. I started following her blog and have been inspired by Sydne. Here is her story!!

“I started this daily space in 2009 as an outlet to inspire women with aspirational but achievable fashion. . I began my blogging journey when I was a fashion editor at E! Entertainment and Style Network. My favorite memory was seeing a woman’s bright smile after styling her in an outfit that made her feel like a million bucks.” 

She talks about fashion, home and personal care with such a heartfelt perspective!! I loved this post of hers on floral arranging!!

“I accidentally stumbled upon my love for eucalyptus earlier this year. While doing my weekly flower shopping at Trader Joe’s (they seriously have the best selection!) I picked up a mixed bouquet. As the roses wilted and the daisies lost their petals, the eucalyptus stayed as fresh as ever. I picked the stems out and placed them on their own in a vase. They stayed in that vase for three months.”


One thing we talked about is her love of painting. She share about her passion in her blog.

“So today I wanted to give you a closer look at my white abstract oil painting in case you were curious. My goal for the artwork was to create a piece that would blend with my home. So the bottom layer is full of pinks, peaches and grays with a touch of yellow and gold. I used a variety of techniques to layer with white so the color softly shows underneath depending on the light and where you stand. It’s hard to capture because it’s so full of layers and texture. But I hope the up-close photos give you a better idea. You can also watch this home vlog to see the process of the painting, as well as a closer look into some of the other art in my home if you’re interested!”

Like Julie she is an animal lover!!! What a sweet new pup she has!!

“I adopted Jack Jack five weeks ago and we’re inseparable. He’s such a bundle of joy and I feel so lucky to have him as my son. I’ve been getting so many questions about him over on Instagram (his hashtag is #jackjacksummer). So I figured I’d do a little Q&A today, along with pics from his first photo shoot. He’s already a natural in front of the camera!”

She also has an amazing fashion sense and not only shows how to put outfits together but where to find them! I love this coat and in Houston I would really get to wear it.

“They say April showers bring May flowers. Well, in LA it was March showers. It rained so much last month! I picked up this pink cute rain jacket and wore it non stop. It also comes in yellow and navy but I like how the blush adds a pop of Spring to any outfit (I often found myself wearing it with all black outfits during the rain).

My favorite part about my raincoat is the elastic waist. When it comes to longer jackets, I often look for ones that cinch the waist to create an hourglass silhouette. You can also achieve this through belts, like some of the trench styles below. Another way to show off your figure is with a clear coat. Transparency is a huge trend for spring, and a see-through jacket is another great way to show off your figure underneath. If it keeps raining, I might pick up this clear vinyl trench coat to add to my rain collection!”

Loving pink, we have our own signature SegretoStone blush pink counter-top in our line with 4 signature pink paint colors and plaster tones to coordinate!! It’s never too much pink for me and if the colors feel more muted they are amazing neutrals to use which complement all of our skin tones. No wonder I feel more beautiful in a room with pink!!

Look for more Valentines inspiration on my past articles, What’s Your Love Language?My Valentines’ Table Setting, and A Valentines Scavenger Hunt.  I hope you all have a wonderful week and a happy Valentines Day!!  xo Leslie

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