Father’s Day – A Favorite Theme Day!!!

Jun 04, 2018

Hi Friends!!   Father’s Day is coming soon and what better way to celebrate him than to create a day around his favorite interests – a favorite theme day!  So what does the special man in your life love to do?

For the man who loves to fish:

My husband is always expanding his hobbies and his newest venture is learning to fish!  You can see that all of us except Sammy, my baby girl, still have a lot to learn! I found a wonderful article from Field & Stream Fishing Editor Joe Cermele and Editor-At-Large Kirk Deeter that lists 30 of their top-tested picks that would be great gifts for fishermen of all skill levels and fit any budget! 

Here are four things I had my eye on, but you can see the full list and links to the merchandise at Field & Stream.

Mancrates is a super cool website that has all sorts of unique themed gifts for Dads!   I thought this smash and grab gift card (I choose Bass Pro shop to go with my theme) would be a fun addition to his day.  It’s solid concrete and not easy to smash!  I thought that some coaching would be a welcome gift too!  I am lucky that Maureen, who works for Segreto, has a son who is a professional fishing guide, so I am signing John up to go out with Captain Carsey Manning.  He works out of Galveston and can be reached at 713-824-3715, but there are guides in every area.

Now to grill his catch!! If you are a novice like me, How to Grill Everything literally has a recipe for anything possible to grill- even fish on infused cedar planks!!  The book and the planks — a cute gift in itself!! Mancrates has the perfect all-in-one box with everything your fisherman will need for the grill!

For the man who loves his bar:

When doing interiors these days I am finding that the man of the house is not always interested in all design decisions, but when it comes to the bar he likes to weigh in!! This beautifully done tequila bar in a wine cellar by Architectural Consultant Sarah West gives hints of every man’s perfect gift! This home in its entirety will be featured in Southern Home!  This is a house tour you do not want to miss!



source  source source source

Uncommon Goods is a great place to shop for unique bar gifts for Dad.  From custom family crested wine crates to his favorite liquor infused toothpicks, there is a lot to choose from here. You can even test his knowledge in this trivia beer playing deck!



If he is a red wine drinker, here are some great picks in every price range.  “Troublemaker” (maybe a more appropriate name for one of your kids instead of Dad!) retails for $13.99.   “Prisoner,”  a smooth red, retails for $36. Caymus is an excellent choice, and at $74, it’s a perfect splurge!

For the man who loves to grill:

This has been one of the best gifts I have given for men who love to grill.  Perfect for dads, husbands, sons or sons-in-law, it’s not only our favorite seasoning, but it always elicits a big laugh! You can find it on Amazon now, but it originates from Big Cock Ranch here in Texas.  “Special Shit” is our family favorite but they all have their own flair!

Mancrates has a grilling package for any type of cooking adventure!  I thought this pizza one was kinda cool!!

Cooking together as a family might be the perfect day for the man who loves to be hands-on in the kitchen. This tri -tip recipe is by Marcia Smart, who is a cooking instructor, recipe developer and food writer!  Her blog is wonderful and she teaches cooking classes at Central Market, your home and hers.  If you are more of a YouTube follower Love to Eat and Travel lists the top mini workshops you can view on line!  They collected their  Top Five FREE BBQ Grilling Videos at BBQ Grilling (YouTube) Videos, and also recommend Weber Nation Free Video Training who have teamed up with some of the finest BBQ Grilling Experts in the U.S. to create FREE BBQ Grilling Mini-Workshops on the Web. 

I hope these tips were helpful!!  Please send me any special ideas you come up with! Have a great week!

xo Leslie


  • Sarah West
    Posted at 05:17h, 04 June Reply

    Love working with Segreto on my projects! Thank you for creating the perfect canvas with your beautiful finishes for all of my projects!
    Sarah West

    • Leslie Sinclair
      Posted at 06:54h, 04 June Reply

      Welcome home!!! I LOVE following you–so creative–you get my juices flowing!! xo

  • Courtnay Elias
    Posted at 06:43h, 04 June Reply

    Best post!!!! Love Sarah’s tequila bar… wish I had thought of that + I’m booking the fishing guide for my guys! Thank you!!!😘💜

    • Leslie Sinclair
      Posted at 06:53h, 04 June Reply

      Thanks–was fun to do!!! Have a wonderful Father’s Day!!!

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