From Eclectic to Soft Contemporary & Let’s Name Some Paints!

Jul 09, 2018

Hi Friends!!  I have seen and met so many of you over the last month just out and about!! It has been so fun for me!  I have some wonderful rooms to show you this week, so let’s get started!

I had the pleasure of working with designer Diana Humphrey on her last home.  Traditional with an eclectic flair, we applied a stencil to the ceiling to blend with her silk wallcovering. I loved the off-center shell in the middle of her dining table- so unexpected, I did the same thing at my own home.

Notice that instead of bringing the stencil to the molding we inset it into a line detail which added a bit more interest.  This technique also works beautifully in bathrooms under the stairs where it is difficult to match up patterns onto a slanted ceiling.

Moving into a high-rise, she decided to stay eclectic but move to the soft contemporary! It was so interesting seeing the home evolve.  I will photograph this home when it is completely finished but wanted to show you a few special things now.  Her master bedroom was plastered first, and then an accent wall was fashioned behind the bed.

The design is dimensional, and , yes crafted from plaster.  I love the subtle architectural effect it created! Soft and contemporary– perfect for this master retreat!!

This was her previous master.  Notice how she grouped the art on the mantle.  It is not symmetrical but definitely balanced and adds a bit of the unexpected to this traditional space.

She does the same thing in her new space. Instead of hanging all of her art directly on the wall, she installed a ledge and grouped some complementary pieces together.  Again not symmetrical, but definitely balanced. Love that!

Diana has so many special features in her home.  Her bar counters (bottom) were embossed with a crocodile design-super cool!  It reminds me of a pattern we are doing in a man’s bath–sample top. I get inspiration from all that I see. Imagination is our only limits!!

This is a wall in her elevator Lobby.  We installed a floating bench from SegretoStone under her art piece. Noticed the angled edge!  She thinks of every single detail.

The reason I was back it to work on phase two of the project– her elevator door wall .  the main issue is that the plate right in the middle of the wall cannon be painted or removed and it is such an eyesore.

Across from the elevator wall is her front door and through that is a marvelous quilt which is framed as art!! In designing this space we had to be very careful not to distract from her existing art collection.

Diana came to me with lots of ideas.  The first being this paper installation in a project by Studio Munge .  Their website is worth a visit!!  Simply stunning, we felt  this concept would not interfere with her existing art.   The complicated part is that the center panel is small and would this concept work if the middle was sculpture and the design was hand painted on the doors so they could open and close.

Another concept she introduced are painted elements inspired by Artist Sarah Crowner’s pieces.

Because she blocks out colors, it would be easy to come up with a graphic that would have a dark gray where the plaque is on the elevator wall.

Here is another works of hers that we liked.  Which concept do you feel would work best in her space, not distract from her existing art, and mask the metal plaque that is an eyesore in the middle of the wall? I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

Exciting news from Segreto!!

Our paints shipped this week!! Yayyyyyyyyyyy!!!  Wanting to have an affordable line which fits in everyone’s budget, we have hand formulated 42 signature colors which will give softness and  depth and sophistication to your rooms at home!!

Here is 1-10–Pardon my computer drawing-not easy for me as I am best with a real pencil and piece of paper!! You can email your thoughts to or leave a message in comments.  It could be European names, soothing names, themed names etc!!  YOur imagination is the limit!! I can’t wait to see what you come up with!!

Till next week!  xo Leslie

  • Lisa Walker
    Posted at 21:33h, 12 July Reply

    1) Dreamy
    2) Bare
    3) Driftwood
    4) Mist
    5) Cemental
    6) Overcast
    7 ) Blush

    • Leslie Sinclair
      Posted at 06:54h, 13 July Reply

      those are great names!! Thank you!!!!

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