My Favorite Game of “I Spy”!!

Jul 16, 2018

Hi Friends!!  Remember those I Spy books we looked at when we were young!  I still love playing that game in my job.  One of my talented artists makes his living making things disappear!!

See it you can find the switch plate in the brick which previously looked like a white beacon, distracting from the beautiful fireplace accent wall that designer Brook McGuyer composed!!

With her new SegretoStone countertops installed I was happy that we were also asked to paint our the light plates on the tile!!–What light plates???

Here is my artistic magician in action. You can see the speaker on the left, but the one to the right and all of those white trims around the canned lighting??  Now you see it, now you don’t! Designer Donna Lewis loved the effect so much Alex was challenged to disguise all the plugs, speakers and vents throughout the home no matter what surface they were on.

He has to blend away light plates on so many different surfaces, mixing paints to match the exact color and grain.

He seems to be up to any challenge-this flat plate even looks dimensional like the raised mosaic stones it is inset into.

In this ceiling and beam combination the large white grills and can lights really stood out, now they go almost unnoticeable!!

Even these vents in the brick go away—if it were not for the slits, these necessary eye sores would be hard to spy!

I know it seems like a small thing but I really want to give tribute to Alex, these tiles and stones are very pricy and as you can see with no special tools he has been able to match any surface.

This wallcovering on the ceiling, was  in a home designed by Triangle Interiors and built by Goodchild Builders. Wanting only the artwork to stand out……………..

Alex was challenged to paint all the rims around the lights and the vents to blend. Now you see them…………

Now you don’t!!!

There are two plugs painted over on this hand-painted tile design.  Can you find them?

How about here?

Even over a gold leafed glass they are hard to detect.

I hope you loved out little game today!  With decorative painting sometimes hiding what you don’t want to see is more important than enhancing what you do.  Please all enjoy your week!  Think of something to do for someone this week that will make their day!!   A smile, a compliment a little bit of encouragement, a thank you–we all need that! xo  Leslie

  • Karen
    Posted at 05:45h, 16 July Reply

    Oh my gosh! What a talented artist. Awesome!

    • Leslie Sinclair
      Posted at 09:28h, 18 July Reply

      Hi Karen!!! He is! He may be the only one that has not been at your home!!! xo

  • Patricia
    Posted at 11:26h, 16 July Reply


    • Leslie Sinclair
      Posted at 09:27h, 18 July Reply

      Hi Patricia!! thanks for following!! He needs to start signing his work!!!

  • Stacy
    Posted at 09:16h, 18 July Reply

    WOW!!! Quite impressive!

    • Leslie Sinclair
      Posted at 09:26h, 18 July Reply

      Hi Stacy!! I always love to see him work!! Have a great week!!

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