House Update Part 2-Pretty in Pink!

May 27, 2019

Hi Everyone!!  I hope that spring time is putting a bit of a dance in your step!! Although it has been a quick whirl wind completing the project at my home, it all got done and I have lots to share. I feel like it should have been one of those HGTV shows. I decided to redo, my daughter Kirby moved back home with all her furniture and I was hosting sweet Kristy Harvey in my home so I really wanted it perfect before she arrived. I had lots of goals with the project.

  • To not have to store anymore furniture.
  • To feel more organized.
  • To create more comfortable seating areas, so we would use each room more.
  • To update the look and brighten the spaces.
  • To finish in two weeks!

Let’s start from the beginning!!

This is how the space looked when we moved in in 1987!  We made it into an exercise room at the time but can’t find those pictures. I think originally it was a walkway to the garage converted into a room. Once we started having kids we changed it into a playroom with a blue and white checkered couch and blue faux finished walls!  In @2005 we opened this space up to the kitchen and breakfast room and added onto the home, then creating a TV room/den. It became one of the most rooms in our house.

Here is the 2005 unveiling!! Back then my offices were out of my home. We showcased all the many finishes that we did at the time. Believe it or not, this was all the rage back then-goodness how styles have changed.

By 2011 I really wanted to lighten up the spaces!! We plastered the walls, lightened the cabinet and recovered the furnishings giving the space a whole different feel. Read about that redo and couch shopping with my husband!

This was taken in 2016. I plastered in a brighter white and redid the furnishings to go with the more modern reclining couch my husband John just had to have! Read the story on designing around this new Barbie couch! I was super excited about having my very own SegretoStone coffee table. If the dogs hadn’t chewed all the pillows and used the daybed as their own personal bed the room might have stayed just as it was.

So what has changed?

  • The chandelier from the living room was plastered over with SegretoStone. The one it replaced was moved to my staging room.
  • The slip-covered swivel chairs were recovered in velvet from High Fashion Home. They were supposed to have a dressmakers skirt but that got lost in the communications–they still look great!
  • The two chairs I purchase from The Round Top Antiques Fair were moved from the entry to here.
  • The Italian painting of Mary and Jesus was moved to the music room and the gifted vintage Gracie panel hung here instead.  My daughters Lucite console from Lam Bespoke was placed in front as a catch all for keys. It had to be functional! I purchased pink pillow and  the stools (which I recovered) from Lam Bespoke. The Aidan Gray table between the chairs, was brought down from my daughters room.

The cabinet received a bit of Segreto’s new color Rose Water on its details. The pink just makes me happy when I look at the room.  Although daybeds are so pretty, the two chairs will seat people more comfortably when we have guests or my growing family over! The daybed is the only piece of furniture that I had to store!!

The breakfast room got a bit of a redo as well. These chairs had been covered in the same white duck fabric for almost 20 years. The stains couldn’t be cleaned any longer.  This room is both visible from the den and formal living.  We decided a pop of color would be a welcome change so, we incorporated some of the tones from the vintage Gracie panel and a colorful piece of art from the living room.  And the new look……………..?

Both fabrics will hold up better to their daily use and it added a bit of whimsy to my French furnishings. Sometimes it just takes small things to give an entirely different look. The floral for the event were simply beautiful. I was going to do them myself with bunches from Trader Joe’s but running out of time I called someone whose work I have always admired. Karla Lazo Floral Designs did simply, an amazing job!

Next week I will show you the remake of my living room!  Did these murals stay or did they go? I must say that I love rearranging and fluffing my house a bit. It has given me a new outlook when starting each day!! Give yourself a treat this week and put a small floral on your kitchen table or next to your bed. It will make you smile. Till next time!  xo Leslie

  • Mary Beth
    Posted at 06:28h, 29 May Reply

    Hi Leslie,
    Your refreshed and fluffed look is beautiful! I was wondering if you had any recommendations on how to get the soft powdery look you have on your walls. I know the look is your business. I’m in Michigan and all I’ve found is a Venetian look. Or I found the Pure and Original fresco lime paint but wasn’t sure if that was similar. I think the shininess of Venetian is too contemporary. We have a French country style that needs some updating.. If could help me in any direction I would very grateful. Thank you!

    • Leslie Sinclair
      Posted at 06:58h, 29 May Reply

      Hi Mary Beth! So fun to hear from someone from Michigan!! I have used USG diamond Plaster on my walls. It is a lot softer look. The end product is beautiful but a bit more difficult to apply than Venetian so you would need to be sure you have an installer who has done lots of jobs in the past and look at large samples. We started using this product which was typically used for the conventional lath method and pigmented it. We kinda of started a trend but there are not as many installers who are familiar with how to use the product. I hope this helps! Let me know what happens!!

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