I Am Craving Pink!! Time for a House Update!

May 20, 2019

Hi Friends!! Thank you to all that greeted Kristy with such a warm welcome. I loved meeting her in person finally. She truly is as sweet as I thought she would be. Just curious? Do you just get something in your head and you want it everywhere? Maybe it started with this amazing project I am working on and seeing the infusion of that perfect pink so well done!

Imagine yourself in this solid pink onyx tub overlooking the Houston skyline and stepping out onto those beautiful mosaic floors–incredible!!

OK-totally am obsessed with the pink stove–I would want to cook every single day! We incorporated gold leafing on the island to complement the brass in the space.

With pink on my brain, I decided to redo the spaces putting a bit more of my favorite color. Here is my den before. This picture was taken 5 years ago. Now, the pillows are looking a bit worn, my pups have chewed the corners of my chairs, and the daybed had turned into their bed. So, it is time for a much needed refresh anyway!! My SegretoStone coffee table and the draperies are the only two elements in the space that have held up to the dogs. Cost saving tip: Interior Fabrics have white and off white linen and trims at a great price. Depending on the weight, they retail at 19-29 dollars–that price is hard to beat. See the painting of Mary and baby Jesus? I am moving this to my music room to make way for a new piece!

Scott, a superintendent with Goodchild Custom Homes and Renovations, gifted me this vintage Gracie panel of wall covering he took down from a River Oaks home’s dining room he was remodeling. He has seen how many hand-painted murals like this we have done for his clients, and knows how much I appreciate their artistry. Framing it and hanging it in the niche, I thought pulling the pink from the floral into some accessories would be just what the den needed. And its vintage-how cool is that?

Keeping your walls neutral in tone, it is so easy to get a fresh new look just by changing a few pillows. I stopped by Lam Bespoke and was thrilled with their large selection. It was like they read my mind!!  Because my rug was blue I thought I would need to mix the two tones to pull it together.

So I took these out on approval.  They look pretty great against the back SegretoStone accent wall we did for them don’t you think?

I made several trips back and forth and settled on the pretty linen ones. Although I loved many of the patterned ones, I felt with the design of the rug and the decision to replace the daybed with these two chairs that were in my entry, that simple, was the best. I also started playing around with my coffee table’s accessories and used some pink design books of daughter Kirby’s as accents to see how that would change things. It’s not done, so don’t judge yet!

Here is a a before shot of the other side of the room. Look, you can see those two sweet pillow furniture chewing culprits outside, looking though the french doors. The built in has made it though several decor changes. I still liked the finish but wanted to add a bit of a funky twist to it.

Using one of Segreto Paint’s new color, Rose Water, we painted some of the elements of the piece that perfect shade of pink. I am ordering long brass handle hardware to further enhance the transformation. Remember, when purchasing new hardware, the spread is the distance from the center of where each of the holes were drilled.  This hardware has a 4 inch spread–the new ones, a 10 inch. I will have to fill the holes so they don’t show when the new hardware is installed. You can leave the top one and just fill the bottom if you like the current placement.

This room isn’t the only one I am making changes in.  I took down this Aidan Gray light fixture, which was in the formal living room, because I found one I preferred for that space.  Rather than storing it, I decided to give it a makeover by plastering it with Segretostone. The existing light fixture in the den also found a new home.

We rushed it from the warehouse because we had an electrician scheduled, so Kirby is putting the final coat on in place!

Because we had to rush it were were not able to polish the final coat as we could have at the warehouse. The rougher texture works for me in their space! I adore its new look!

Here is a prototype we did plastering over an old French balcony railing mounted on a metal base. With polishing between its multiple layers we were able to smooth it out.

Pretty cool, right? Just imagine what you could re-purpose and transform! A lamp, a table base, a console-the possibilities are limitless! Well next week I will let you see the final reveal. So stay tuned!!

I also had some other surprises in store for me. When I showed up to the warehouse for a Friday 5:00 meeting, my crew had a surprise birthday celebration planned!

What a wonderful group and I was touched by how many of my crew decided to spend their Friday night with me!

So why do I love pink?  What does this color do for our mood? Studies show that pink is calming. It represents the sweetness and innocence of the child in all of us. I love that, I hope that this pink mural inspires that very mood for the lovely lady whose home we are painting it in. See you next week!  xo Leslie

  • Rebecca V Fecteau
    Posted at 23:12h, 23 June Reply

    We are purchasing a home that is approx 15 years old. The walls look like plaster. There is a medium-dark woodwork all over the house. The floors are hickory. The cabinets, the owner thinks, are alder I want to lighten the whole house up. The walls are that pale yellow-gold. I like French Country, old world style with some light stone-like limestone. If I sent pics could you possibly give me some advice. I love the bla-greens. With more pale-grey, and creamy whites. I bought 3 books signed by you in Roundtop several years ago. I’m excited about making some changes in this house, but don’t know where to begin. I live in s small town in East Texas, though I am from Bellaire. Thank you. Love your work!

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