My Valentine’s Day Tablescape and DIY Linens

Feb 08, 2024

Hi Friends! You know how I love rom-com’s and Valentine’s Day and this year i did a really fun DIY project I wanted to share!! Hand-painted linens really make a one-of-a-kind table, so it makes a wonderful gift and truly special table settings!!

Decorate your dinner table with this hand-made valentine's day mantel

This year I wanted to use my new napkins from Juliska with my mismatch of my dishware. I didn’t have that perfect tablecloth, so I decided to paint my own to pull together all the pinks and reds I wanted to use. This is such a fun, inexpensive and easy project!

What you need!

Create your mantel with this do it yourself set

Being a crafter I have a collection of supplies in my stash. If you don’t, all can be found on Amazon, and all for under $50. Having a friend crafting day just buy extra cloths, the rest of the supplies can produce a storeroom of linens.

Tablecloth $14.99 Fabric Paint $10.99 Permanent Fabric Markers $10.25 Spray bottle $7.99

Decorating mantel in process with pretty flowers

Because my breakfast table is my largest surface, I like to paint there. To protect it, I cover it with a big painters drop cloth. For this project I used a water spray bottle so also using a plastic sheeting in important for the look and for extra protection!! One thing I wish I did was to wash and dry the tablecloth out to get rid of all the wrinkles before I started the craft!! This would have been so much easier as I hate to iron!!

Creating different shapes of flowers with the kit

I had a couple of friends over to help me demonstrate as I didn’t take many photos when I was doing my own project. They decided to make napkins. After doing the design take a spray bottle and spray your paintings. This creates a beautiful watercolor effect! It also leaves a watery paint on the plastic! For my larger tablecloth I dried the water with the cloth which when absorbed created a dreamy effect!

Up close picture of mantel

See the little white dots? Those were created by using a small spray bottle and spraying the paint. You can also dip a toothbrush in the paint and flick it onto your project.

Final results of the tablescape

My last step was to take the paint markers and make scribbles and write love friendship and family on the cloth.

Matching table set

I really loved how it pulled all of my Valentine’s tones together!!

Red flowers

I found these really unusual blossoms at Trader Joe’s- wish I knew what type of flowers they are! I mixed them with some roses!

Flowers in vase

I was so happy how it turned out!! The unusual blooms had really large magnolia type leaves. They didn’t work for the arrangement, but I loved the added green to the table, so I decided……….

love notes on natural leaves

……….. to add a love language to them and use them around the floral arrangement. They also would be so cute tucked into the napkins with your guest names as place card name plates!!!

The Results!

Valentine's day dinner ready

I hope you enjoyed the post and that it inspires you to do your own!! For more Valentine’s inspirations see previous tablescapes and fun craft activities here, here, here and my favorite pink color pics here!

Valentine's day card

You know you all are my special Valentines!! I hope you have a sweetheart of a month!!

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