Will You Be My Valentine? – Segreto’s Favorite Pinks!

Feb 06, 2023

Hi Friends, I can’t believe we’re in February and Valentine’s Day is right around the corner!!! In honor of one of my favorite holidays we have infused our favorite pinks from our Segreto Palette and are celebrating pink in interiors all month long!!

Pink is not only one of the most flattering tones, but also has a soothing effect when used in interior design. According to surveys in Europe and the United States, pink is the color most often associated with charm, politeness, sensitivity, tenderness, sweetness, childhood, femininity, and romance. –wikapedia

The inset panels in our gallery were plastered in Just a Hint from our designer line. The left side was stenciled in Segreto Paint-Rosewater, giving this lovely, faded effect. In the panel to the left we hand-painted a contemporized large-scale peony.

Segreto Finishes Showroom-Hand-painted mural

By taking traditional elements and painting them oversized, the art of the mural has been reinvented to work well in today’s transitional and modern design. I have several similar interpretations in my own home infusing nature and beauty into my own interiors. Never needing water, these elements will give me joy all year long.

Segreto Murals, Plasters and Paints

Albatros Eztremoz- Swadoh

We are so pleased to have some incredible lighting from Swadoh in our gallery. In a stone and pink marble finish meshing brilliantly with our blush walls, the pendant is art in itself. Light, pliable and customizable, each light is handcrafted and remains a unique model. Created by Emilie Grière for MU in Paris, France.

Venetian Plaster and hand-painted floors by Segreto | Interiors Creative Tonic | Newberry Architecture | Stetzer Builders

Brighter more saturated pinks like fuchsia exudes femininity, sexuality, and strength.  Named by during the 16th century German botanist Leonart Fushs to represent the color of the fuchsia flower, this tone is self-assured, highly responsible and nurturing. Design firm Creative Tonic pinpointed the perfect color to personalize this bar for our strong, independent and kind client. We hand painted the floors and plastered the walls to showcase the beautiful unique fuchsia infused marble on the bar.

Mural by Segreto | Dodson Interiors

Pinks work well with almost any color palette. With Dodson Interiors taupe interior, the infusion of pinks from our hand painted flamingo mural soften the space in a dramatic way.

Segreto Mural-Segreto Paints

In our showroom mural gallery, we created a Chinoiserie mural using Segreto Paint Nobility as the background and our collections of pinks and taupe in the design. When mixing shades of blues and pinks it is important to have enough umber in the tonality to maintain a sophisticated feel! Image this enveloping the walls in your dining or powder room, or as an accent wall behind a tub or inset wall framing a bed. Soft, romantic, and timeless!!

Segreto Pinks- hand-painted walls

Pinks are not only my favorite tones, but they are also of the most common colors for flowers! In nature a pink will attract insects and birds necessary for pollination. It is the most given color for sending flowers to someone.

Pink was iconic in the 1950’s and was estimated that 5-10 million pink bathrooms were installed in the US in the 50’s and 60’s! Pink has always been in style with me and wanting a cheerful feel to one of our showroom’s baths, we made it all about Pink! Pink plaster counters, sink and floors from our SegretoStone Rosewater Palette sets the tone!

Segreto Walls in signature pink palette Rosewater and The Perfect Rose

First Lady Mamie Eisenhower, decorating the White House living quarters around pink and wearing a pink inaugural gown with over 2000 applied rhinestones. She even received pink flowers every day from her sweet President husband! How romantic!!! Our walls at the showroom may be the only flowers I see every day, so my favorite pinks were incorporated. The walls are stenciled over our color SP-Flawless with tones of SP-The Perfect Rose and SP-Rosewater with painted gold accents. Below the gold leaf banding, we incorporated a strie using SP-The Perfect Rose and SP-Rosewater.

Segreto |Gold Leaf Ceiling and mirror | Stenciled Walls in SP-Flawless, SP-The Perfect Rose and SP-Rosewater

Adding a bit of Whimsey, we painted an old mirror we had in SP- The Perfect Rose and added gold leafing to the carved details. Feeling like more is better, gold leafing was also applied to the ceiling.

Segreto Showroom- Plaster floors and walls-Segreto Paint pink

This is our version of making a romantic walkway to our new gallery. Did you know pink was first dated back to 800 BC where it was featured in Homer’s Odyssey? It then became given the term “pink” by a Grecian botanist who was describing the edges of carnations. – V Magazine.

SegretoStone Pedestal in color- Rosewater-Renouveau Antiques

In the 1700’s European aristocrats set the tone in popularizing pink by wearing soft versions of the chic color representing luxury and sophistication. Madame de Pompadour, the chief mistress of Louis XV, loved the color so much that, in 1757, French porcelain manufacturer Sèvres named its exquisite new shade of pink, Rose Pompadour, after her. – The color pink: a cultural history – CNN Style.

Segreto Paint Pink champaign-Designer Amy Cunningham

No wonder pink rooms are so comforting!! Pink is intuitive and insightful, showing tenderness and kindness with its empathy and sensitivity. In color psychology, pink is a sign of hope. It is a positive color inspiring warm and comforting feelings, a sense that everything will be okay.-Empower Yourself with Color Phycology

Wine Tasting Dinner Party

How can it be Valentines without a mention of a sweetheart table!! With having lingering Covid symptoms, I was sad to call off my annual Valentines party for my kids and significant others this year!! As you know, I love tablescapes and especially for a holiday!! To find inspirations from previous Valentine’s Parties read about my wine tasting themed event, dinner and craft event with a painted tablecloth tutorial, and my 2020 party which includes a napkin folding tutorial.

Segreto Showroom- Pinks

I hope you enjoyed traveling through the history of pink with me and seeing some of our favorite things pink! Come by the new showroom to see our pinks in person or you can purchase a deck on-line.

Don’t forget to check out the LUXE Red awards!! Nina Magon did such a fab job as one of last year’s regional winners!! It is such an elevated version of pink! We are up for three this year! One in the color category where we installed an amazing blue ceiling for Mcgarr Interiors, the second for The SegretoStone Dining Collection and third The Henry from The SegretoStone Desk Collection! It’s a people’s choice award! We would love your support and for all you design groupies, it is a big treat looking at all the beautiful entries!! Click here to vote for Segreto! Have a great Valentine’s Day!! Until next time, xo Leslie

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