What’s New at the Showroom?

Mar 08, 2023

Hi friends, I am so sorry that I haven’t posted on the same regular basis. I am spending most of my writing time on the next Segreto Book hoping to get it to you by Christmas!! I would love to hear from you–What would you like this book to be like? What would you like to hear from me? I always value your input and help!! Email me personally at! Other exciting news is the mad push to add more wonderful finishes to our new showroom!!

Christian Dior Showroom
Source Vogue– Inside Flagship Dior Showroom Paris

I know that you may have all seen this picture, and if you have run into me have heard my obsession with the new Flagship Dior store in Paris as well as their new book Dior in Bloom!! My obsession lies not with me wearing their beautiful clothes but how they display them, every vignette or page telling a story which focuses on the incredible artistry of their craft! They have inspired me to try to add a bit of their magic into our little abode on Wirtcrest Lane!

Segreto Showroom Panels

This is the start of what is yet to come. Next to our SegretoStone section we created panels filled with plaster and layered with a stencil as a backdrop to our mini versions of Segretostone fireplace mantles.

Segreto Showroom Panels
Segreto Showroom

Then we embellished the frames around the panels which shows cabinet finishes in complementary tones. Eventually we will include furniture pieces and moldings floating off the wall!!

Segreto Showroom Stencil Over Plaster

Stencils are an amazing alternative to wallpaper, allowing customization in color selections and since they are hand-painted no seams! This section is painted in metallic, which change dramatically as you walk around- the slight shimmer reflects off the light reminiscent of a silk wallcovering!

Segreto Showroom Stencils

With so many artistic talents working for Segreto we started a cross training program as they all love to learn and want to be well versed in every aspect of the decorative arts. Jose here, an artist by trade has been a lead on our maintenace and repair crew- being able to repair damage blending it in seamlessly to the surfaces it touches.

Segreto Showroom Stencils

We have added 10 different panels for you to see! The top part and bottoms use the same stencils- the only difference is the colors are reversed!! There are literally thousands of designs to choose from and with color combinations unlimited there is no limit!!

Dior in Bloom

Since I mentioned Dior in Bloom, I need to show you!! It is page after page where you see the inspirations of the gardens, they have taken many of their designs from. This is a beautiful Mother’s Day gift! If you are interested order soon, I have found it can be hard to get!!

Segreto Showroom Hand Painted Mural
Segreto Mural

We needed more storage at the showroom, so in thinking of a way to beautifully incorporate a closet into our back SegretoStone showroom, we built a structure and painted a soothing mural on its walls, bringing a bit of nature into the space. All of the colors used are from our own Segreto Palette line!! We are ramping our production up for this space. Now you will be able to buy off the floor and not wait for production time,

Segreto Showroom Hand Painted Mural and Custom SegretoStone Doors
Segreto Showroom

You could tell we needed a door to hide our clutter, so my amazing team created these doors with SegretoStone! The handles in our logo were made on site in our new welding shop!! I have been traveling so much for work lately it gave them time to surprise me!! We still need to put a finish on the metal bar and grommets, but we are almost done.

Segreto Showroom Mural Meeting
Segreto Showroom

We have been working with Kristal Dayal with Krystal Michelle Designs on a mural for a powder bath she is working on! I am so excited about using a Dior scarf as inspiration!

Christian Dior Scarf Inspiration for Mural
Dior Scarf
Segreto Mural Samples

Using her color palette, Krystal was able to work with our artist at the showroom to bring her vision to life!! It was so much fun seeing how the little tweaks brought a smile to her beautiful face!

Segreto Showroom Plaster Floral Art
Segreto Palette

We are also working on another labor of love for me! Our new Segreto Art Gallery! You can see how our finishes will translate on your walls firsthand and also have a curated selection of sculptures and canvas art for purchase. Thank you so much for your support and your patience with me while we are working hard to provide you with a space full of possibilities, where what our imaginations can create are limitless!! Please don’t forget to send me your ideas on the book or book a showroom tour Have a wonderful week and I will visit again the first of next month! Till next time, xo Leslie

  • Leslie Sinclair
    Posted at 06:31h, 08 March Reply

    The new showroom is magical

  • Stacey Dillon
    Posted at 07:24h, 08 March Reply

    Beautiful 💝

  • Becky Stephens
    Posted at 08:45h, 08 March Reply

    You continue to amaze me with your talent and vision. Thank you friend for sharing with all of us! Just beautiful!

  • Angela Cheves
    Posted at 10:09h, 08 March Reply

    Stunning visuals and a great read this morning! The showroom wall with the mural and the custom door is amazing.

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