Ombre is Trending-See it transform!

Apr 12, 2021

HI Friends! I hope you had a wonderful Easter and Passover! Spring time is in full effect so it is time to clean out, fluff and do something new. Ombre is certainly trending so lets see how it can transform hair, baking, fashion and of course your home!!

Ombre Hair Style

By blending of one color hue to another, usually moving tints and shades from light to dark, a beautiful soothing or…………………….

Dramatic Ombre Hairstyle

……………………… dramatic effect can be achieved.

Ombre Cakes
Ombre ruffle cake on a dessert table

Ombre cakes have become a popular choice for weddings, but I think they are beautiful statement pieces for every event. Huffington Post has list of tutorials on how to, so hop on over!

Ombre Mid century dishware

Ombre has not just come on the radar. I have been obsessed with many mid century dishware from the 50’s.

Vitreon Queens Lusterware, Ltd. was started by Sidney Sigety in Brooklyn, NY and was a world-renowned Mid-Century cocktail glassware designer most known for his Queen’s Lusterware design, “Silver Fade,” and “Silver Ombre.”-Retro Solstice

Ombre Glassware
First Dibs

Another of my favs is Dorothy Thorpe. “Born in Salt Lake City in 1901, Dorothy Thorpe was a mid-century American artist who designed beautiful glassware and ceramic pieces out of her Los Angeles studio. Like many of her mid-century contemporaries, such as Georges Briard and Fred Press, she was a designer, not a manufacturer, of glassware.”-The Hour I have bought a set of her glassware for one of my kids for Christmas- shhhhh don’t tell! Some more of my favorite barware from this era are Culver and Cera. eBay has a large selection if your looking.

Ombre Art Piece
Society 6

Ombre is a great way to create your own art piece in a room. By measuring off stripes you can get a similar effect more easily as blending can be difficult. You will just need to thin your paint with water or glazing liquid when applying!

Furniture Piece- graduating color
Lilly Moon Vintage-Esty

Graduating colors when painting a furniture piece can take it from traditional to modern!

Drawers- graduated tone

If you are taking on this project on your own by painting each drawer in a different graduated tone you can get the same effect!!

Ombre on walls- ragged effect

Ombre on walls really shows how beautiful the gradient can be between similar colors. This one has more of a ragged effect.

Dream Nursery - Ombre

This one is a more linear graduated effect. Creating a dream nursery for one of our clients we used a rich teal and graduated the color by infusing white softening the tone.

Clouds overlaying the Ombre walls

This large room has an inset niche where the crib will go. Segreto’s artist JJ is painting billowing clouds overlaying the Ombre walls. So cool!! See more of his work here!

Cloud Mural - dimension of cloud

It is so fun seeing this come to life!! These clouds have such dimension!!

Magical Nursey- Ombre

What a magical nursery this will be!! I can see this effect as such a cool accent in so many design scenarios!! And the Ombre-LOVE! Where can you put a bit of Ombre in your house? I hope everyone has a dreamy week!

Spring Pop Up Flyer

Join us on Friday, April 30th for the Houston Racquet Club’s Spring pop-up full of gift items, clothes, accessories and Segreto!! Follow along on Instagram (@segretofinishes) to see where our booth is located and stop by to see us. We can’t wait to see you all there! Till next time. XO Leslie

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