SegretoStone- Natural, Seamless and Beautiful!

Apr 26, 2021

HI Friends! It’s inspiring when you see one of your babies come into their own! Whether it is your actual child or a pet project, like our SegretoStone product, it is so rewarding to see growth and such positive feedback! SegretoStone was started about 4 years ago when my daughter and Segreto designer, Kirby shared she really missed designing furniture, something she was involved with in her previous job at TC Interiors. One reason I left corporate America and started Segreto was my love of trying new things. I remembered a product we were developing about 10 years earlier and tabled due to time constraints- a plaster product for counters. Brainstorming in a team meeting we decided to see how it would work in a furniture application.

SegretoStone Table

It has come a long way since our first pieces, both in product and artistry. Kirby worked with designer Jill Egan in creating this clean and sophisticated piece- “The Egan”. I have been a fan of Jill’s since I worked with her on her own home! Take a look at her work in Milieu Magazine! It is stunning and she is such a talent!!

SegretoStone Table

One reason I like to stay “boutique-like” rather than mass producing items, is the thought we are able to put into each design. This top weighs hundreds of pounds, so making it stable with the small neck created quite the engineering challenge. Isai who is our companies technical expert, solved the feat by embedding a metal frame support into the stone. Thank you Jill for your design and trusting us to create it.

SegretoStone Coffee Table

Fluting is definitely trending! This SegretoStone plaster coffee table made for Elizabeth Garrett Interiors in our Serenity Silk tone will surely make a statement in this living room. Elizabeth, a long time supporter of Segreto, hired us to install our first large scale plaster countertop, which was featured in Segreto Impressions.

Here is Kirby and Elizabeth sitting on the massive SegretoStone island. What is SegretoStone™? SegretoStone™ is an all-natural lime-based plaster that is poured over a solid concrete, wood, hardy or stone base and polished to a luminous luster to produce a material that is both beautiful and allows for seamless fabrication no matter what its surface size. It’s quiet, organic surface has subtle variations and a soft sheen, mixing well with other surfaces like these quartzite perimeter countertops. An environmentally friendly alternative to mined stones such as marble, granite and quartzite, it is a low VOC product that is more stain resistant and less likely to fracture than marble or concrete.

SegretoStone Table

Due to the pandemic outdoor seating was a must for this sweet couple. We created this table-color “Scultura” to seat 6 so when their kids would come over there was comfortable seating for everyone to dine outside. The beauty of SegretoStone™ lies not only in its unique aesthetics, but in its ability to be seamlessly restored on-site. Should any cracks or stains occur, SegretoStone™ can be spot-repaired by sanding, polishing and re-sealing the area. In fact, you could change the entire color without having to start from scratch.

SegretoStone Table

Available is 20 signature colors, SegretoStone offers unlimited options in size. It is endless the combinations we can customize like this square table on a fluted oval base for Jacomini Miclette Design in their client’s breakfast area in color “visionary gray”.

SegretoStone Table

Marie Flanigan Interiors are such a creative and talented group. This table in our “Engaging White” has an inlayed bronze metal trim at the base. Nice touch Marie!!

We always recommend using coasters and trivets when putting hot or cold items on SegretoStone. These from Emerging Green are a great way to protect as Cork’s thermal insulating properties will save your tables and counters from burns, moisture and heat damage. You can purchase on their site or on Amazon. A great price for 8 coasters and 4 trivets- $22.50.

SegretoStone, coaster and trivet

We decided to have fun with ours and had a training class for our non-artisan staff to learn how to stencil using our new Segreto Color Pallet.

SegretoStone and coaster

They did a great job for their first try! These would be great DIY hostess, Mother’s Day or Christmas gifts, or would make a great family or friends craft activity! Like SegretoStone, I like that Emerging Green‘s products are good for our enviroment!

SegretoStone Console

Another design from the Flanigan crew is this graceful waterfall console in “Pure White”. I think we should call this one “The Marie”!

SegretoStone Table

We are beginning to make a few bases and tops to keep in stock so you can mix and match creating your own piece like this one designer, Julie Goudie, fell in love with. The cool thing about the bases is they also can be used for planters. We have developed the same bases in a smaller size for side tables/planters!!

Fluted SegretoStone

Renouveau Antiques has a collection of our works at Market Hill in Roundtop, including these two planter/table base sizes!! We have made custom tops for her antique pieces to give historical pieces a contemporary twist!

SegretoStone Floating Sink

SegretoStone’s floating counters with integrated sinks are sleek and sophisticated!! You can customize any size or shape!!

SegretoStone Sink

Sinks are products we keep in stock. Great looking on any type base, these are items that can be easily shipped!!!

What else have we done with SegretoStone? We have a full line of fireplaces, like this one we installed for one of designer Shannon Crain‘s projects to…………….

range hoods like this one we formed and installed for JJ Design ………….

loungers for you outdoor patio like these we customized for Shan’s Pour La Maison to …………………….

SegretoStone the eleanor

Side tables and pedestals. Your imagination is our only limit!! Complementing any design style, SegretoStone™ is perfect for furniture pieces, sinks, fireplaces, doors, tabletops, counters, and more. SegretoStone™’s timeless appeal blends innovation with natural materials of the past, creating a quiet sophistication through its clean lines and organic feel. Thank you so much for always helping us grow! SegretoStone is now our 3rd largest division!! Your trust and support has enabled us to push the limits in both creativity and design, something which I am grateful for!! Let me know your ideas for SegretoStone pieces or applications. Till next time! XO Leslie

Join us on Friday, April 30th for the Houston Racquet Club’s Spring pop-up full of gift items, clothes, accessories and Segreto!! Follow along on Instagram (@segretofinishes) to see where our booth is located and stop by to see us. We can’t wait to see you all there!

New Spring, a wonderful non-profit near and dear to my heart which supports at risk kids through arts, holds an auction each year to display the student works and raises awareness for the organization. This year it will be online and 100% of the proceeds return to the students. The link to the auction is: You just might find the perfect piece for your home or office!

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