Organic Home Gardens!!!

Aug 24, 2014

With the healthy eating craze focusing on organic and fresh I am loving the idea of incorporating a small organic garden into my new landscape plans.


When I was little my father thought it would be a fun activity to have a garden.  Plowing an acre, my brother, Mom and I were left to hoe, weed, and pick. I began to not think gardening was not so fun.  After 40 years, I am ready to give it a try again. Searching the Pinterest sphere, I found so many ideas which would, if scaled back, be manageable and beautifully work into my yards new look.


This stunning outdoor garden has a beautiful combination of vegetables and flowers and is featured on the cover of  photographer George LeVeque’s book French Garden Style, available for purchase here!)


How pretty is this herb garden combined with stepping stones?


Planting vegetables inside boxwood patterns and mixing them with flowers really creates an artful impact!




This herb and vegetable garden designed by Statile and Todd Landscape Contractors is lovely! 

Here is a garden at one of my client’s houses. I love the gravel around it and stone surrounds!  So French!

A full producing garden, it also adds so much to their exquisite landscaping!

Here is another client’s home who is just beginning her raised garden.  By raising the beds it is easier to get the proper irrigation.

Here is the same client’s charming rose garden in its beginning phases.  When complete it will feature a French fountain.




Need a bit of inspiration before you begin? Check out these Garden Box Layout Ideas published by Better Homes and Gardens !  One of my besties son’s, Matthew, and his friend Jacob started an agricultural development company in Houston called Old School Produce. Drawing upon their shared passion for organic eating and Jacob’s degree in biological science, they now sell fresh vegetables at a farmers market, provide organic, exotic produce to restaurants, and help people set up their own organic gardens! He and Jacob were the perfect ones for me find out a bit more info.  

I was most interested in the rare and unusual varieties of plants which they grow. Right now the ghost pepper is their favorite; a real pure heat to kick up anything without adding a pepper taste. The scorpion and purple cayenne pepper they produce may be too hot for your liking.  If so, let them sit in a jar of olive oil or apple cider vinegar then remove the seeds. Wonderful flavor without the burn!

They grow their produce to sell out of their trademark hydro planter – an automated raised garden that utilizes water in a closed loop to minimize water loss. Mixing this with innovative composting methods, they are able to grow almost anything all year-round.  


Source  If you don’t want to grow your veggies but want home grown and organic, check out Farmhouse Delivery!  I had a client tell me about them and I am now getting fresh, locally grown, organic produce and dairy delivered to my home once a week. I have found that it is no more expensive than the grocery and it saves me a trip to the store! I know they deliver to Austin and Houston, but to see if they are available in your area check out their website. My favorite purchases were the vegetables, eggs, and milk.  I hope everyone has a great week!  Next week- a house update-promise.  We are now living in two rooms—so fun!!!  Xo  Leslie


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  • Mary Preston
    Posted at 14:51h, 28 October Reply

    First I have to say that you are absolutely amazing-you've shared so many interesting photos and useful information!! Second, I never would have thought of mixing my organic garden with my flowers , but i have to say that I'm in love with the results on those pictures!

  • Laila
    Posted at 13:46h, 02 March Reply

    I think it is important to know what you are going to put in your garden to start the year off. You want to check out what kinds of vegetables or fruits don’t exhaust the soil. A lot of the gardener magazines will tell you what to do at the beginning of the year. Hopefully, when we get the new landscape in, I will have more room and fresh soil to work with in the garden.

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