DIY Pumpkins and Succulents!!

Nov 05, 2018

Hi Friends!! Thank you for all of your well wishes for the Blog award!!  It means so much to me and I absolutely could not have done it without each of you-so I am very grateful!!

Fall is here, and in Houston I don’t know if I am more excited about the temperatures dropping or making these fall decorations!  Last year I saw the most beautiful succulent, pumpkin arrangements at a sweet client’s home.  I was so excited to make them, but there were no mini pumpkins to be found… so, this year I am starting early.

Segreto Finishes DIY Pumpkin Succulents

As you know there is nothing I like better than setting the table. I thought these would would be the perfect place card holders or a beautiful way to dress up the dinner plate. I probably will let each person leave with one as a party favor to remember our day of thanks!!  But before the big day, I have some lovely decor to spread around my house and get me in the mood for fall!!

Segreto Finishes Pumpkins Fall Decor

The first step is to purchase pumpkins-this time of year most grocery stores have a wide selection, I purchased mine at Trader Joe’s for 99 cents a piece. Most of the dark spots were dirt and washed off.  Be sure you look for pumpkins that sit flat on the bottom and curve in at the stem forming a dip to place your decorations!

Segreto Finishes succulents Etsy


Next you will need succulents.  Look for a variety of styles and it your find some that will drape down that will add interest to your project. I purchased some at Trader Joe’s, but the selection and variety was not the best.  IKEA carries them and most Loews and Home Depots at reasonable prices, but the best bang for the buck I saw was on Etsy for $18.99 at tray!!

Segreto Finishes Super Moss Segreto Finishes Fall Leaves Supplies Segreto Finishes Fall Crafts Supplies

Micheal’s  is always my go to store for crafts if I need to see the items to decide what I want.  Amazon has a large selection of all sorts of fall supplies.  Search  moss, maple leaves, acorns and gourds, mini pine-cones and table scatter for a huge selection to browse.  While you are shopping don’t forget spray adhesive, glue stick and a glue gun, and an empty spray bottle to mist your masterpieces when you are done!!

Segreto Finishes Pumpkin Succulents Fall Decor

Don’t just think small!! The larger pumpkin arrangements are perfect for back door entrance ways.  these pumpkin arrangements should last as is for a couple of months. For best results, keep outside in a frost-free cool spot and give it a healthy dose morning sunlight to keep plants healthy looking. Place pumpkin on a trivet if outside (will decompose if sitting right on top of concrete) or on a plate or platter inside to prevent any staining if you are using for a centerpiece.When the pumpkin starts softening you can cut the tops off and plant the arrangement in a pot full of soil!!  How great is that!!

Segreto Finishes Pumpkins Trader Joes Fall Decor

Now let’s begin! The night before your craft day cut your succulents so the roots and trimmings are a bit dry.  Pick your pumpkin of choice and wash and dry to remove any dirt.

Segreto Finishes Moss Fall Decor Supplies

Spay adhesive on the back side of your moss and press to the top of the pumpkin.  You may have to hold down a bit until it sticks. Don’t worry if it overwhelms the top you can use scissors to trim to any size.

Segreto Finishes Pumpkin Succulents

Just use a glue gun to glue your arrangements onto the moss, starting with the larger ones in the middle.  And be sure to fill in the holes with trailing succulents, leaves and your various table scatter.

Segreto Finishes DIY Pumpkins and Succulents

Here is one all finished!!  I am so thrilled with the outcome!!

Segreto Finishes Fall Pumpkin DIY Succulents

They look great in any color and you can see that by mixing different elements they are much more interesting!!! To keep them alive just mist the tops twice weekly with plain tap water. Don’t over water…pooling water on top of the pumpkin will cause it to decompose. Remember, when the arrangement has faded or you are ready to start decorating with a more winter theme, don’t throw the succulents away. Instead carefully peel them from the pumpkin moss, remove any dead leaves and plant in some light cactus mix. Any roots that have shot out will grab onto the cactus mix and the succulents should grow. Even single leaves will root and send out little offshoots that will become mature plants.

Don’t have a green thumb?  You can also make these without the live plants!!  I added a candle in the middle of the larger pumpkin and used it first for Halloween, with a black spider lace runner underneath and now for Thanksgiving with a fall leaf runner. –Two for one!!

Segreto Finishes Scarecrow Fall

What a wonderful craft day with friends, kids, or Mom’s. Happy Fall everyone!! Its such a busy time for us all!  Try to enjoy those special moments and make time to appreciate all of your blessings!! Next week we will see some amazing new rooms we have been finishing up just in time for the Thanksgiving!  xo Leslie

  • Joni Webb
    Posted at 09:03h, 05 November Reply

    Congrats on the blog win! B. Can’t get over how fancy the awards ceremony is. You should attend next time. Congrats!!!!!!

    • Leslie Sinclair
      Posted at 04:51h, 06 November Reply

      HI Joni!! That would be something wouldn’t it!! I miss seeing you! think of you often–We need to get together soon!! xo

  • Jeannie Grant
    Posted at 18:25h, 18 November Reply

    Help I am not getting my Monday blogs. Miss miss them.

    • Leslie Sinclair
      Posted at 07:27h, 29 November Reply

      Hi Jeannie! I have several people saying the same thing–I am so sorry!! I have emailed my programmer!! You are so sweet to follow!!

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