What’s Segreto Up To?

Nov 12, 2018

Hi Friends!!  I am loving the cooler weather and feeling of excitement in the air or  for us it might be the adrenaline needed to finish up some projects before the holidays!! Either way, there is lots going on at Segreto!

Lindsey Herod Designs SegretoStone Coffee Table

We were so honored to be a part of this stunning room for a showcase home by Designer Lindsey Herod! The SegretoStone coffee table has a cross design for support, which is perfect for tucking these ottomans under!!  Visit her website-pretty cool and if you love the ottomans or this coffee table both are for sale at showcase prices!!!

Segreto Finishes Mural

Well Segreto artist Alex is at it again!! I spy a vent and a spot light that he has already blended in to this stained veneer wall covering!!  There is nothing he can’t make disappear!!

Segreto Finishes Ombre Plaster Segreto Finishes Ombre Plaster

He doesn’t only mask things, but in this sweet girls bathroom, his ombre walls fade from dark to light! Clever how the homeowner used the space on either side of the vanities as hidden storage, making it easier for her little princess to keep her things put away and the bathroom tidy.

Segreto Finishes Bathroom Vestibule

the vestibule to the bath has a simple pink stone block effect.

Segreto Finishes Venetian Plaster salle f à manger

Dinning rooms are perfect places to create drama and ambiance. In this salle f à manger we coated the walls with a rich Venetian plaster and painted a moody mural on the ceiling. Imagine with the sconces furnishings  and drapes what an impact this room will make.

Segreto Finishes Two Tone Doors

The trim was glazed in a two toned effect with gold leafing embellishing the wood details and showcasing the elaborate hardware.

Segreto Finishes Door Gold Leaf

Loving the understated sophistication this embellishment brings to woodwork, the master suite received a beautiful combination of creams and golds.

Segreto Finishes Gold Leaf

Creating a stronger contrast against the light walls, this black staircase also is adorned with gold, highlighting  the design in just the right places. This can be done with gold leaf paint, metal papers or, in this instance, 24 karat gold leaf!

Segreto Finishes Plaster Powder Room

Here is a beautiful powder designed by Architectural Consultant Sarah West!! The lime wash on the walls are a perfect compliment to the antique elements!!

Segreto Finishes Ceiling Pattern

Creating a pattern on the ceiling can be a mathematical feat!!

Segreto Finishes Ceiling Pattern

Lining those corners and edges up perfectly, when he ceiling might not be straight is not a simple task…but the outcome?

Segreto Finishes Ceiling Pattern

Well worth the effort in this girls room designed by Lindsey Herod!!

Segreto Finishes Metallic Stripes

Wanting to recreate their walls just as they were “before Harvey”, their existing wall-covering had been discontinued.  Going off of photographs of the space we were able to recreate the look exactly but this time with no seams!!

Segreto Finishes Master Bath Segreto Finishes Bath Stripes

A beautiful bathroom by Blailock Designs –don’t ya think–especially if imagined all cleaned up!! I can’t wait to share more transformations of this home. Although this space stayed as is, others throughout the home are stunningly different. As you can see adding a bit of bling to your decor is all the rage now!! Like jewelry for you home!!  I hope you all have a wonderful week!! Remember the holidays more than anytime of year are a time to spread hope and a bit of joy to all you come in contact with!! Tis the Season!!  xo  Leslie

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