A Parisian Picnic-Create a Charcuterie board for any Occasion!!

Nov 19, 2018

Hi Friends!!  Fall is in full swing and Thanksgiving here and I wanted to share with you a shower that I helped put together for one of my daughter’s friends who was getting married! The theme was “Parisian Picnic” since the destination wedding was in…. you guessed it -France.  I had written a post about creating harvest boards in the past and thought this would be perfect for the theme and perfect to share with you for your fall entertaining!

Segreto Finishes Charcuterie


So of course armed with my Pinterest boards I started my research on the look and foods I wanted to include. Apartment 34 shared their inspiration and used the harvest theme for an outdoor dinner event!! I love the fact that with a trip to the store, it is something that can be quickly put together and offers such a variety for all to try!

Segreto Finishes Charcuterie

Lexi’s Clean kitchen gives their tips and suggests including something sweet with the spread. I purchased way too much food for mine so it is suggested to have 3 ounces of cheese per person. Armed with all my inspirations and ideas I went to Costco and was able to purchase all with one stop shopping!

Segreto Finishes Charcuterie

So How did mine turn out?  Filled with meats, cheeses, fruits, nuts and spreads it was a big hit and so much fun to put together!!

Segreto Finishes Charcuterie

I did look for new harvest boards but the long ones are not inexpensive. So I mixed and matched.  I used and borrowed cutting boards-remember they are mostly covered up so don’t stress too much on the way they look.  By creating heights and different levels any platter can have an impact! You can even use festive cans or vases filled with fruit to create a platform. Using decorative toothpicks adds to the festivities and can serve the duel purpose of utensils!!

Segreto Finishes Charcuterie

I have always loved having having easy things for people to grab and eat without having plates or utensils!!  These veggie cups were a big hit and super easy to put together. I purchased the 5oz cups on amazon and have plenty of left over for my next event!!!  they are super cute filled with deserts as well and you can pick up baby forks or spoons to go with.

Segreto Finishes Charcuterie

For a shower it is always fun to put photos of the happy couple scattered on the tables.

Segreto Finishes Charcuterie

Front and center of the room we had a French wine tasting! By grouping the bottles in different buckets, the guests could easily serve themselves, so the hostess could enjoy the party too. Remember height is the key!!  I brought a side table from my home and put it tight in the middle of the table.  The flowers were potted plants from Trader Joe’s that we wrapped in brown paper and tied with twine.

Segreto Finishes Charcuterie

I loved how one of the hostess. frames descriptions of the wines that the guest would be tasting!!!

Segreto Finishes Charcuterie

The deserts were all ordered from Central Market, except for the cutest coolies with Eiffel towers on them.  I love all the themed baked goods you can now customize. Ohh-La-La!

Segreto Finishes Charcuterie Segreto Finishes Charcuterie

Your can’t have a picnic without sandwiches, quiches and chips!! Cutting the tops off mini sandwich bags creates the perfect grab and carry tote! The lentil dip is my go to easy to put together from Trader Joe’s!  Both in the refrigerator section where the fresh veggies are, one package cooled lentils mixed with a container of pre-made Bruschetta sauce.

Segreto Finishes Charcuterie

Well as much as we tried to make the shower as pretty as the Parisian country side the actual event was way more magical!!  Daughter Kirby attended, and really had a wonderful time!!

Segreto Finishes Wedding FranceSegreto Finishes Wedding France

With the table set the rehearsal dinner had the back drop of a French Chateau and fields of lavender.

Segreto Finishes Wedding France Segreto Finishes Wedding France Segreto Finishes Wedding France

The bridesmaids looked like they were having so much fun–and who wouldn’t in France?!

Segreto Finishes Wedding France

Sarah made a picture perfect bride with such an amazing backdrop! Knowing her since she was a little girl, it is heartwarming to be able to be a small part of this memorable event with my gal pals!!

Before you start to think about autumn decorating and holiday entertaining, consider the harvest board! A harvest board is as simple as it sounds: a big, beautiful board ready for your food, flowers, meats or sweets. Think Thanksgiving, holiday open house, or any gathering that calls for a feast! This is definitely my new favorite fall trend!!! Have fun making your own feast board this season!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving with Family, friends.  Typically my Brother and family come but they could’t this year, so it will be a smaller group. My son Matthew came in last night so I will have all three of my kids together!!  I am sooooooooo thankful for that!  I want you to know I will say a little blessing this year for all your support!  We have a had a great year with so many new things and you have been there with me every step of the way!! Gobble Gobble!!  xo  Leslie


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