What Segreto Did Last Week!

Jul 11, 2016

It is really fun to go back and see what rooms we have worked on! This time, it is certainly a varied mix!!!

What Segreto Did Last Week! Segreto Secrets Blog! Contemporary Metallic Finish in Bathroom

We have really been working hard to come up with some unique and contemporary new finishes!! I am in love with how this one we tested in my media bath turned out. The dimensional, soft graphic we created with by combining metallics and plaster offers a to-die-for textural combination!!! Imagine all the color combos that could be created!

What Segreto Did Last Week! Plastered Ceiling Neutral Color

This home was a sentimental one for me to be involved with. My cousins purchased the home from my aunt, so seeing the places I visited all my life transformed was fun!!

Segreto Secrets - Plastered Great Room with Iron Doors
Segreto Secrets - Beautiful Neutral Plaster
Photography by Wade Blissard

I love the way it turned out!!! The plaster was the perfect choice for these eight-foot ceilings, offering a reflective quality that appears to literally raise the roof!

What Segreto Did Last Week! Segreto Secrets Blog! Plaster and Cabinet Finishes for New Kitchen

The kitchen used to be closed off to the rest of the home. Opening up the walls and rearranging the placement of cabinetry and appliances sure gave the space a different feel.

What Segreto Did Last Week! Segreto Secrets Blog! Detail of Island Leg Finish in French Blue

Although the perimeter cabinets were glazed in a neutral to blend with the plaster, the center island was finished differently in a French blue gray! We brought in strokes of white to pull in the counters and floors.

Segreto Secrets - Beautiful Transitional Kitchen with Textural Interest
Segreto Secrets - Soft Gray Blue Island Finish in Plastered Kitchen
Photography by Wade Blissard

The final look feels so luxurious! I love the mix of the tile backsplash, dark wood, and the striated island countertop!!!

Segreto Secrets - Furniture Finish on Office Cabinetry
Photography by Wade Blissard

These newly built cabinets in the office were given a furniture finish.

What Segreto Did Last Week! Segreto Secrets Blog! Detail of Office Cabinet Finish

You can see the insides are gray! This was the base we started with for the entire cabinet, applying taupe glazes on top. Many times it isn’t necessary to finish the entire insides, depending on the look you want. If the fronts of the shelves are done, then the background color is a soft accent, saving cost without compromising the finished look of the piece.

What Segreto Did Last Week! Segreto Secrets Blog! Silver Leafing on Bathroom Cabinet Bead Detail

Another one of my fave finishes that adds a sense of drama and elegance at very reasonably prices! When the base color is good to begin with, gold or silver leafing can be added to the bead detail only, giving a glamorous look with a minimal cost. I think The Owen Group and Richard Price Custom Homes were happy with this one!!!

What Segreto Did Last Week! Segreto Secrets Blog! Powder Room Before Picture

This bath by Suzanne Duin made quite a transformation!! Here is the before as it was given to her.

What Segreto Did Last Week! Segreto Secrets Blog! Mirrored Powder Room with Plaster Walls

What a dramatic effect the plastered walls and mirrors made! Look how much prettier the new colors of the trim and walls are with the flooring! I wish I could see it with the sink back in place!!!

What Segreto Did Last Week! Segreto Secrets Blog! Breakfast Room with Planked Wood Finished to Look Reclaimed

This dining room by designer Kim Wilson is so cozy. There was very orange, aged paneling originally in this room. By painting the windows and trim and distressing the existing wood to feel reclaimed, we achieved a new look in this space!!! Her fabric and lighting selections were truly the icing on the cake.

What Segreto Did Last Week! Segreto Secrets Blog! Painted Wood Floor Design

What a difference this floor design made in this pretty but small entry way! Painted directly over the existing wood, I now feel like I’ve arrived when I walk in.

What Segreto Did Last Week! Segreto Secrets Blog! Painted Tile Design on Fireplace

Not finding enough tile in the right size for this fireplace surround, designer Jennifer Martinez hired us to hand paint the design over the plain field tile they installed. We said it could be risky, but it turned out great and bonded well over the existing tile! Thanks for having faith in us, Jennifer!!

What Segreto Did Last Week! Segreto Secrets Blog! Hand highlighted painted script on wall

We’re sampling the highlight color here – so much more effective than a one-color script. This was such a fun project for Designer Genna Weidner and so inspirational I wanted to leave you with this painted thought…….

What Segreto Did Last Week! Segreto Secrets Blog! Painted Quote - The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.

So true!!!!

What’s Cookin’ at Segreto

Healthy Alfredo Sauce Made from Cauliflower - Segreto Secrets

Scallops and Skinny Noodles in Cauliflower Alfredo Sauce!

I am so bad at taking pictures or writing down recipes, but this one was so good! I adapted this recipe from the Cauliflower Alfredo Sauce on the blog Julia’s Album. I always cook to taste, just like I mix formulas for colors – a little of this and a little of that. Of course, even though our Skinny Noodle Challenge is over, I still cook with them all the time, so this was perfect for me!

It serves 6. I looked up all the ingredients, and amazingly this only has 160 calories per serving!

One head cauliflower
Organic low sodium chicken broth
One bag frozen scallops from Trader Joes
4 bags Skinny Noodles
Fresh rosemary
Fresh Mushrooms (optional)
1/4 cup wine
1/2 cup shredded fresh Parmesan cheese
Pepper flakes
Garlic salt or fresh, minced garlic
Italian seasoning
Tony’s Creole seasoning, if desired

Chop cauliflower in large sections and put in water to boil. Sprinkle with Italian Seasoning. Boil till soft.

In a large separate saucepan, put some chicken broth, fresh rosemary, garlic salt or fresh garlic, pepper flakes and Italian seasoning. When it simmers, add in defrosted or fresh scallops and mushrooms. Sauté until cooked. Remove from heat.

Put drained cauliflower in a food processor or blender with the Parmesan cheese and half a cup of the broth from the scallop mixture. If you don’t have enough, just use warmed chicken broth. Purée.

Open and rinse the skinny noodles. Pat dry with paper towels. Pour the Alfredo sauce into the scallop mixture and stir to combine. Then pour sauce over the skinny noodles. Add the wine and sea salt. Season to taste.

Enjoy! I hope everyone has a great week!

xo, Leslie

  • Taste of France
    Posted at 07:58h, 11 July Reply

    Love that striated countertop. All the photos are very beautiful.

    • Leslie Sinclair
      Posted at 05:52h, 15 July Reply

      Thanks!! I forgot what that one was called but I love it too!!!! Have a good one!

  • maureen hughes
    Posted at 08:31h, 11 July Reply

    I love this!! I can’t believe the ceilings are just 8 ft.. This was the perfect treatment for the ceiling. And PLEASE go back and take pictures when the sink is installed in the bathroom. I would love to see the finished beautiful home.

    • Leslie Sinclair
      Posted at 05:42h, 15 July Reply

      Yes that was quite a transformation!!! I do need completed after’s!!! Have a great day!!

  • Natalie S.
    Posted at 12:14h, 11 July Reply

    Love the media bathroom and the entry floor! Beautiful!

    • Leslie Sinclair
      Posted at 05:41h, 15 July Reply

      Thanks Natalie!! I am loving the media bathroom!! A new contemporary twist to my tiny upstairs room!!!

  • Cathy Zimmermann
    Posted at 10:00h, 14 July Reply

    I can’t believe you all do such gorgeous work! I love the shiny ceiling in the kitchen/great room. I also love the mirror in the bathroom. I saw a large mirror at Accesory Place in Town and Country that looked like that. Do you know who I can contact to get a mirror like that?
    Thank you,

    • Leslie Sinclair
      Posted at 05:40h, 15 July Reply

      Hi Kathy! Most of the mirrors like that are custom made and in pieces. I refer Frame Tec for them–they do a wonderful job!! Happy shopping!!!

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