The Flute! Its not just about Champagne!

May 16, 2022

Hi Friends, Sorry I am a week late but I hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day! My kids all came in town and surprised me with a lovely Mother’s day/birthday dinner! I was able to take them all to see the new Segreto Compound which is really taking shape!! They couldn’t believe the changes and were really enamored with all the plaster textures, so knowing they are seeped in history, I thought I would do a bit of research to share with us all?

Louis Vuitton Ladies at the Bath
Source The Cut-
Ladies at the Bath. March 9, 2015, in Paris.   Photo: Juergen Teller; Courtesy of Louis Vuitton

Fashion greats from around the globe are incorporating the structure of the flute in their collections. This beauty is from Louis Vuitton.

Fluted coaster collection
The Queen Vic Wellness set from Daniela Rubino

Home decor has also discovered the flute! This coaster collection from London based artist Daniela Rubino are made of tinted concrete and all hand done. Working predominately with concrete and metal, she is drawn to materials that represent ideas of strength, stability and durability and have industrial aesthetics. She even sells do it yourself kits at home! Check out her collection.


Fluted Master Bedroom Walls
Designer Marie Flanigan Photography by Julie Soefer Fluting by Segreto

Our first experience with fluting was when Marie Flanigan came to us with a design concept for a master suite she was working on with Brown Ridge Builders. A first for us and challenging for sure, we love figuring out how to meet the baseboards and trim and perfectly die into the corner walls!! It was magical and so rewarding when we saw how our fluted texture added so much to Marie’s perfectly designed space.

Challenges make you discover things about yourself that you never really knew.- Cicely Tyson

17th Century Spanish Columns
1st Dibbs Set of 4 17th Century Spanish Columns $117,921.80 per set

Many of my favorite designs are ones seeped in history, then given a modern interpretation. Fluted designs are no different. Found in ancient woodworking, the flute was used to help with the illusion that rounded columns were perfectly symmetrical.

Evolution of various architectural columns
An illustration of the evolution of the various architectural column orders and their principal features.
by Sarah Woodward published on 27 October 2012

Known to accentuate the back-and-forth of shadow and light, fluted columns made of stone were prominent in ancient Greek and Roman architecture. Here is a great article from World History Org. If you would like to learn more.

Fluted walls

Athena Calderone wrote a wonderful article in her blog eyeswoon about her journey incorporating fluting in her own home. A talented lady, I also found she has three books out! One on design, one for cooking and the third lifestyle related! I ordered Live Beautiful and have really loved each and every page. Athena used Kamp Studios to install her Fluting- a New York firm which I follow!! Check out their website- they are an amazingly talented group!!

Fluted ceiling
Residence Stockholm 2017-Home of architect, Andreas Martin-Löf | Developed in collaboration with Oscar Properties | Styling by Lotta Agaton / Photography by Erik Lefvander

This expanded version of the flute is quite dramatic. Scout & Nimble has a beautifully collected piece on their article A Little Fluting Goes A Long Way! Check it out!!

Slim wooden slat kitchen
Source (Image credit: Sola Kitchens) Sola kitchens

‘This architectural design is named ‘Skog’, meaning ‘forest’ in Swedish, due to the slim wooden slats, which create texture and depth, resembling tree trunks!’ say the experts at  Sola Kitchens. ‘This version of the ‘Skog’ is in oak however it can be created in a variety of different materials and colors.- Livingetc

Source and classic recipe

The name canelé comes from the French word for “fluted.” According to cookbooks, the canelé Bordelaise could date back to anywhere between the 15th and 18th centuries, and most of the history books concur that the pastry originated in various convents around the winemaking regions of Bordeaux in Southern France. Winemakers used egg whites to clarify wine and would give the excess egg yolks to nuns to make food for poor children. With the addition of a few other ingredients, the canelé was born.- Rory Macdonald — ICE Chef

Fluted SegretoStone

Besides plaster walls Segreto has also had so much fun developing one of a kind furnishings using the flute as inspiration! See more blogs here, here and here featuring other fluted fireplaces and tables.

Fluted SegretoStone

From the traditional column design to the graceful hour glass, the texture of the flute lends so much architecture to you space!! We are super excited to show you all sorts of textures and designs as well as furniture pieces you can purchase off the floor in our new showroom space. Stay tuned for a July move in!!

The Marca Dress Khaite

I hope you have a wonderful week. For my friends in Houston- stay cool- its been a scorcher out there!! You may need one of these breezy summertime dresses from Khaite! Till next time! XO Leslie

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