VOGUE LIVING-Marie Flanigan and Segreto’s Finishes!

Jul 27, 2020

Hi Friends! I hope you have found things to be thankful for this week! I was so excited and thankful when I saw the amazing feature by Vogue Living on a home in which Segreto collaborated for the finishes, I just wanted to share!! With architectural firm Murphy Mears Architects, builder UTBC and designer Marie Flanigan, this home is gracious and graceful, filled with European antiques and hints of modern. This beautifully written article by Francesca Walls was photographed by my gal pal Julie Soefer and styled by Jessica Brinkert Holtam. Lovely just as they presented it, I decided just to repost!! As you tour this lovely home notice the plastered walls and SegretoStone sink and counter! Enjoy!

For those on the outside, Texas isn’t exactly known for being an interior design capital. But, just like anywhere, look closely and you shall find. For someone looking in Houston, the city better known for its space history than its furniture designers, your efforts would likely lead you right to this residence in the city suburb of Memorial. 

A gem hidden amongst some of the city’s more traditional addresses, the home of local cardiologist bucks the Americanised trends, bringing with it a unique taste of Europe. 

Designed by Marie Flanigan of her namesake firm and associate designer, Sydney Manning, the home takes on an authentic and pared-back form, utilising colour, space and texture to convey a sense of calm. From the entryway’s grand 1960s-era antique Murano glass chandelier, to the simplicity of the main living area, every element of the home has been lovingly thought-out by Flanigan for her client. 

“We honoured the owner’s love of antiques and European architecture by layering furnishings and fixtures from various time periods. We created authenticity throughout the bones of the home by using natural materials like limestone, reclaimed wood, and unlacquered brass,” Flanigan tells Vogue Living of the build. 

However, the architecture of the space is perhaps the most intriguing, and sets this project apart from other homes in the region. Architects Kirby Mears, Walter Murphy and Sam Brisendine worked on the design, which features plaster finishes on the walls, high ceilings and textural, shapely forms—including rounded doorways. Almost monastic in its build, the home’s bones take on new forms and allow the furniture and design details to shine through. 

“These interesting architectural elements create a space that feels as if the space has always been there,” Flanigan notes. 

The living room is one such space which strikes a balance between salons of Paris and the authenticity of New York. The modern, curved aubergine couch is strikingly elegant against the antique pieces which surround it, including a Savonarola chair and 19th century Italian mirror. Soaring windows and beamed ceilings are the perfect cherry on top. 

Similarly, the kitchen takes something standard and makes it unique. Metal clad cabinets are a play on the traditional wood, while custom-made brass accents give the cabinetry and cooking zones a charming rustic feel. Accented against white marble, the room feels inherently modern, whilst still true to its Texan locale: “The kitchen’s metal cabinets and countertops add a touch of glamour to the pastoral space,” says Flanigan. “One flag, one land, one heart, one hand, One Nation evermore!” – Oliver Wendell Holmes

However, it’s the master bedroom which proves Flanigan’s favourite. 

“The master bedroom speaks to me because it’s elegant and romantic with a groin vault ceiling and Rose Tarlow chandelier. I also adore the large walnut screen that surrounds the custom-made bed frame—a nod to the panelling seen throughout the home,” she says. 

Each of the three bathrooms provide something unique. From the brilliant crimson marble basin in one, to the reclaimed marble floors imported from Italy in the master bathroom, every wet space has a story to tell. 

Most strikingly is the aptly-located William Holland round copper tub, which proves the most relaxing spot in the entire home. 

And the curated spaces didn’t go without notice. The final walk through “literally took his breath away and rendered him speechless. [The owner] took the time to absorb each space and fully appreciate the design and after careful observation his extravagant praises left our hearts singing.”

I am so thankful for the many talents we work with trusting Segreto with the backdrops to their wonderful designs! What are you grateful for today!! ‘Till next week! xo Leslie

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