What’s Up with Segreto?! Come See us at Roundtop!

Oct 26, 2020

Hi Friends! Thank you so much for all your input on the Palette decks! Below are our top three not in voting order. Please weigh in if you haven’t! Remember this deck not only represents our paint line but is also meant to be a color guide for our plaster, cabinet, and SegretoStone finishes! What feels timeless, fits many styles and would make you pick up the deck? On the next blog we will post the winners of the ” Pick that Palette” play to win game. You still have a vote! Select again and increase your odds! As October is almost over, we are busy trying to get our clients ready for the holidays!! I wanted to share a few of these special projects with you! Follow along to see what’s up with Segreto!

Segreto Palette 1
Segreto Palette 2
Segreto Palette 3

Here is a before shot of this slated kitchen update where Segreto designer Leslie Simmons handled the finishes for Emily and Stacie of Revival Living Interiors. Leaving the footprint the same, cosmetic changes were made to give this hub of the home a totally different perspective. Ready for the after?

Whats up with Segreto , After picture

WOW, what a great transformation! Sherwin-Williams Repose Gray was used to freshen up the cabinetry and the walls, ceiling and existing tile hood were coated with plaster. Yes, we can bond plaster to stone saving the cost of constructing a new hood! We added a layer of the wax to the hood to give this focal element more depth. The stone counters and backsplash were replaced with a new quartz and the center island grounded with a SegretoStone top in our signature color, “Insightful.” New lighting, and hardware were the finishing touches in reinventing this kitchen in a beautiful, cost effective way.

Marie Flanigan Elle Decor

Congrats to my sweet friend, Marie Flannigan, on being featured in Elle Decor! Please check out the article! We were honored to work with her on this home!

Marie Flanigan Elle Decor, Segreto Finishes Plaster Dogwood

One of my favorite installations to date, Segreto hand-molded plaster dogwood branches on the wall above the tub. Such a serene retreat!

The kitchen is just as beautiful! I love the plaster over the beams, continuing on the ceiling walls and hood. This took a special process from us as plaster does not naturally bond to wood. The mix of stain, paint and plaster gives a warm feel to this clean bright inviting space. Julie Soefer, famed Houston photographer did a brilliant job in capturing this beautiful home! the article not only speaks to Marie’s new book  The Beauty of Home: Redefining Traditional Interiors but also has a big announcement! Go Marie!

ED: What’s next for you?

MF: I am so excited to debut my lighting collection with Circa Lighting and Visual Comfort, available to order in January! The collection celebrates timeworn and organic materials juxtaposed with contemporary, refined details. The fixtures have traditional silhouettes that are reinvented in a refreshing new context.

Whats up with Segreto

We were excited to be contacted by Laura U Design, to put the finishing touches in their almost finished room. The dramatic Vanguard paper Arte No. 93600 from , in their Expressionist pattern looses it custom aura by being interrupted with the white cans and green speakers.

Whats up with Segreto, camouflage cans

What a difference it makes to mask these utilitarian necessities.

Let’s play our favorite game of “I Spy”! Notice the far window was painted the same as the walls, drawing focus to the beautiful iron doors and drapery on the patio side. Well done!

Before Picture

Creating a “wow” factor in an entry can come from many sources. Lighting, ceilings, walls or in this case…

Painted Floors by Segreto

…painted floors! It is so fun to see the many steps it takes to create one our our one of a kind hand-painted design! The above is step is #5!

During painted floors

Working on step 7 here!

Whats up with Segreto

Step 8 is complete!

Whats up with Segreto, After

Here we are with the final step 10! The designer is Jennifer Martinez and we loved creating a welcoming impact for her as guests enter this home. Check out her new website– such beautiful work!

Exciting news! Not only will we be at Marburger Farms for opening day but our SegretoStone pieces will be at Market Hill at Ashley Radack’s booth. Look for Renouveau Antiques towards the left back. Here are our fluted bases which can be used for planters or toped and used with for a dining or side table!

She also is carrying our “Eleanor” cube tables, sinks and consoles! I love her antiques cabinet with our plaster furniture! If you don’t live in Houston this is a great way to see Segreto’s trademarked plaster used to create unique pieces.

Atelier 55

Last Thursday, we were so excited to be apart of the AMARA Virtual Interior Blog Awards. The event takes place in London and this year we attended virtually! We, because of your help, were honored to make the top 5 with We Love Home, The Hill House Diaries, Breegan Jane and Atelier 55. A big congratulations to Atelier 55 for winning the Best Interior Lifestyle Blog! Tapiwa is the incredibly talented creative behind Atelier 55, she shines a spotlight on contemporary design, creativity and lifestyle from and inspired by Africa. Check her out here!!


Join us tomorrow, October 27th, at the Marburger Farm Antique Show Tuesday Tailgate! Follow along on Instagram (@segretofinishes) to see where our booth is located so you can come by to say Hi. I look forward to seeing you there! Let’s do our part to keep this country connected. Tell someone this week they are special to you! You, my friends, are special to me! Till next time! XO Leslie

  • Patricia Miller
    Posted at 05:24h, 26 October Reply

    Re. Color palettes I choose No. 1

  • Marta Henderson
    Posted at 05:45h, 26 October Reply

    I choose 1

  • Patricia Borgogni
    Posted at 09:23h, 26 October Reply

    Love option No. 2!! Timeless and shows details you are known for!

  • Lynn Giovinazzi
    Posted at 10:42h, 26 October Reply

    I choose palette number 1

  • Mary Anne Doms
    Posted at 11:33h, 26 October Reply

    It’s hard to decide because two of my previous favorites are now in the top three. If I have to pick one, I’d pick Number 1, because the color helps it stand out a bit more, BUT my true choice would be to use 2 of them, one for the front cover and one for the back cover, in which case I would use Number 1 and Number 3.
    Whatever you decide to do, I know will be perfect because it always is!

  • Stephanie
    Posted at 12:14h, 26 October Reply

    Number 3 feels like the best representation of Segreto finishes.

  • Karen
    Posted at 20:48h, 26 October Reply

    Number 3 is my choice. It is a beautiful representation of you work.

  • Pam Ross
    Posted at 09:43h, 28 October Reply

    I love option 2. Timeless!

  • Luisa Patterson
    Posted at 13:31h, 28 October Reply

    i VOTE 🙂
    # 1 🙂

  • Susan
    Posted at 15:59h, 30 October Reply

    Option #1! The color is compelling and draws you to pick it up. The design is simple, timeless and has strength. I know that whatever is chosen will be as beautiful as all of your work!

  • MN
    Posted at 15:04h, 05 November Reply

    #2 is classic and yet edgy… leaves the user with an element of surprise as to what will be on the inside… on the back of palette deck… fluted image alone would be great… flute has dimension despite it being on flat surface. . The petals represent softness and texture which are key elements of your timeless style and techniques.. Lastly… u may want to be consistent with the lettering u use in ur books on front of deck… SEGRETOpalette. Ie. Different font, and font sizes…

    .. Best of luck!!

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